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#NewRelease by @AnitaPhilmar - A Cowboy that is "More Than Ready"

More Than Ready in Naked Bluff, Texas

Genre: historical, western, erotic
Theme: friends to lovers

short read.

After losing his brother, Kirk Pepperman planned a future with Richard’s wife, Sadie. Kirk wanted to honor his brother and take care of Sadie.
She had other ideas and married another man.
Now, Kirk is uncertain what he should do with his life
Mary Beth Owens knows her parents are arranging for her to marry Kirk. The problem is he’s been stuck on the wrong woman for years.
She is determined to find out if he can please her. If not, then she has no desire to marry him either.
Can these two let go of the past and move into the future? 
Available for .99cents and free for KindleUnlimited.
Theme: friends to lovers
This story is part of the Naked Bluff series.

Release Date 5/27...tomorrow.

Kirk is introduced in the story In Too Deep 

Sadie Pepperman is looking for a chance to escape the demands of her in-laws. With her husband’s dead, they want her to marry her brother-in-law so they can take control of her farm. 
Suddenly, the peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the river. Rushing to save her, Sadie meets a handsome stranger that ignites her dormant lust. She sees her friend rescued by a steamship and backs away from Logan Jansen, only to turn her ankle. 
The agonizing pain leaves Sadie with the inability to walk. Needing help, she offers Logan a place to stay if he’ll help with the chores on her farm. With his agreement, Sadie adds another problem to her list. Now, not only does she have to worry about how to bring her crops in from the field and run her farm alone but she also has to fight her attraction to Logan. 
Can Sadie end her in-laws’ interference in her life, 
run her farm alone, 
and give love another chance? 

“Kirk, where are you?”
Unhappy about the interruption, Kirk Pepperman debated not answering Mary Beth Owens’ call. He’d snuck away to the barn’s upper floor to escape his parents and to have a few moments to himself.
The view outside the open loft door showed the sun drifting steadily toward the horizon. A nice cross breeze blew inside and cooled the large space. For the last couple of weeks, he’d found he enjoyed sitting up here alone, maybe because it helped him forget.
“Kirk?” Mary Beth’s voice rang from the ladder, leading to the stalls on the ground floor.
Not bothering to turn, he leaned forward and gripped his hands over his knees. The three-legged stool, where he sat, was right in front of the center pole for the barn. The position afforded him a backrest if he should want one.
The floorboards squeaked, telling him Mary Beth stood behind him. He pictured her in his head. A petite blonde, she had small breasts and appeared much younger than him. In truth, they were around the same age.
Hoping, if he remained quiet, she’d leave. He continued to stare out across his family’s property. The last days of summer and the recent harvest had turned the parched land to dust. What did this place hold for him?
He’d never ventured outside of Naked Bluff to travel or to experience another way of life. Depression filled him at his brother dying so far away from home. Now, though, Kirk understood Richard’s desire to leave.
What future could Kirk have here?
He toyed with the idea of heading off to join the Confederate army. The latest news from the returning soldiers was the south wasn’t faring too well against the Northern armies. Maybe, if he had something to fight for, he’d feel alive again.
The familiar noise of a rope flying through the air alerted him. The lasso fell over his head and circled his chest before it tightened, pinning his arms to his side. “What the...”

With a sharp tug, he fell back against the center pole and hit his head against the solid bulk. “Mary Beth, what are you doing?”

Anita Philmar enjoys writing hot stories to get the blood a pumping. She grew up in Texas and enjoys sharing information about the state with her readers.
Currently, she is working on a historical series call Naked Bluff, Texas. No, it is not a real place, but the people there do have problems and with the gift of love they do find happiness.

Just for fun–
What is your favourite drink? Arnold Palmer – Tea and Lemonade
Are you a cat or dog person? Dog – have a small terrior.
Love or lust? Both, One helps grow the other in my book.
If you could spend the day with any famous author, who would it be? And, why? Mark Twain – love the way he looked at life.

Do you laugh at your own jokes?
Yes, because no one in my household thinks I’m funny. Men have no sense of humor.

Are you fun to go on vacation with?
I like to think so. I enjoy seeing new things and love to travel.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
Proceed with caution, this woman is known to cry over sad movies and make you burn with her smoking, hot, sex scenes. She’s loyal, kind, and fun to snuggle with but hurt anyone she loves and she’ll cause you intense pain while relishing every moment of your suffering. Best to avoid if not looking for a lifetime commitment because friends are for life, lovers are forever, and enemies live in hell.

Find Anita at 

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Fever Dream by #MFRWauthor J.J. DiBenedetto

What if you could see everyone else's dreams

Find out with the Dream Series by J.J. DiBenedetto! Book #9, FEVER DREAMFeverDreamV2

What's the story?
Dr. Sara Alderson isn’t used to her patients dying for no reason. When a young boy succumbs to a mysterious illness that defies all her efforts to treat it, she refuses to accept defeat. After two months of questions, Sara has attracted the attention of powerful people who don’t want their secrets uncovered, and will go to any lengths to make sure they stay hidden. Now, time is running out for Sara to unravel the mystery before anyone else falls victim to the illness. And before her career, her family and her freedom are taken from her by enemies she doesn’t even know she has.
Where can you buy it? Amazon (Kindle or Paperback) Smashwords Barnes & Noble (Nook or Paperback) Apple iBookstore Kobo AllRomanceEboo Want to know more? Here's an excerpt!
It’s one in the morning, and the last guests have gone. Other than the cleaning crew, Brian and I are the only ones left in the ballroom. I know we need to leave, but I can’t bear the thought of standing up and trying to walk out of the room, down to the garage and then to the car. I think my feet might literally fall off. “You’re going to have to carry me out of here,” I tell Brian, and he gives me a wicked grin in return. “I was planning on it,” he says, and he stands, takes a deep breath, and lifts me right out of my seat. I yelp and throw my arms around his neck as he carries me out of the room and over to the elevator, barely showing any strain at all. He has to put me down once we get to the elevator, though. “I need a free hand,” he says, hitting the “up” button. But the garage is – oh. I should have known. “You booked a room.” He nods. “And you told my parents we wouldn’t be home tonight.” Another nod. It’s all part of the fantasy, I guess. He’s been imagining that he’s James Bond all night, and after a glitzy evening at the casino, James Bond doesn’t hop into the minivan so he can get home, walk the dog and collapse into bed. No way. He takes his conquest for the evening up to the five-star hotel room, where the champagne is already waiting. On ice, no doubt. The bell dings, he ushers me into the empty elevator, and as the door closes, I feel my fatigue suddenly, instantly, drain away, and I’m all over him. I may not be a fan of those movies, but I know how they go, and it’s not as though I need much of an excuse to throw myself at my husband. By the time the door opens onto the third floor, I’m panting and extricating my hands from his tuxedo jacket. “You woke up in a hurry,” he says, panting himself, pulling his hand off the zipper of my dress, which is already halfway down my back. “Well, I know what you were thinking, and I also know that no girl can resist James Bond, right?” By way of an answer, he leads me down the hall, opens the door to our room, picks me up again and deposits me on the bed. In seconds, he’s finished the job of zipping me right out of my dress, and his tuxedo is in an undignified mess somewhere on the floor. After that – there’s no more thought, just feeling, just his hands and his lips and his – his everything.
Interested in the books that lead up to this one? The first five books in the series are collected in one Kindle Box Set, and it's on sale this weekend for just $0.99!
What if you could see everyone else’s dreams? Sara Barnes has just discovered that she can. And this gift – or curse – will lead her on an extraordinary journey. Follow Sara as her newfound ability leads her into adventures she never imagined. She will hunt down a serial killer, investigate a plot to murder one of her teachers, unravel a conspiracy between a mobster and a corrupt politician and face off against her nemesis: a woman who shares her talent, but uses it to destroy lives rather than save them. And Sara will have to manage all that while finishing college, becoming a doctor and falling in love, too. Here are the first five books of the Dream Series, along with bonus material created especially for this collection. Included in this set are DREAM STUDENT, DREAM DOCTOR, DREAM CHILD, DREAM FAMILY and WAKING DREAM. In addition, you’ll find the short story BETTY & HOWARD’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE starring Sara’s parents. But most of all, when you open this box of dreams, you’ll find romance, suspense, humor and plenty of heart…
Where do you buy it? Amazon Smashwords Barnes & Noble Apple iBookstore Kobo AllRomanceEbooks.com Google Play What about books #6, 7 and 8? DreamReunionV1 Cover Smaller DreamHomeV1 DreamVacationWrapAround_Paris_Front   They're all on sale at Amazon! But I like to listen instead of read! What about audiobooks? AudiobookDreamSequence

The first five novels and a short story are all available on Audible! And you can hear samples from all of them right here! So who's the author? IMG_0020

Well, technically, that's a picture of his cat, Danny. Danny is much more phorogenic than J.J. is. But J.J. (James, really) is a pretty nice guy. He's a native New Yorker, althoguh he's lived in the Washington, DC area for the last 20 years. He loves the opera, reading, photography, science fiction, fondue, travel and the New York Giants. Oh, and of course Danny, and also of course his lovely and talented wife. Where can I learn more about him? At his website, on Facebook, on Twitter and at his Amazon Author Page.

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Now for Pre-Order My Best Friend's Ex by #MFRWauthor Tina Gayle

She loved him first, but her best friend married him. Now with their divorce, Brooke must choose between her best friend and the man of her dreams. 

Brooke Janson has loved Garrett Sawyer since she met him on her first day of high school. Now, he’s free to love her too. Except, his ex-wife happens to be her best friend. 

How can Brooke choose between a friend she’s known since kindergarten and the man of her dreams? 

This is a complete short story with a HEA.

Available at amazon

Here's a little snippet of the story-

Strolling down the grocery aisle, Brooke Janson spotted a familiar man dressed in black. Garrett Sawyer was the one person in the world, she didn’t expect to meet, see, or run into in a huge superstore.

Memories flooded through her mind, and she adjusted the spaghetti strap of her shirt.  Unable to pull her gaze from his lean, muscular frame encased in a black T-shirt and jeans, she silently wished she’d worn something sexier than an old pair of jeans and a tank top. She glanced down and remembered what she looked like in high school when they met.

As an overweight teen, she’d worked hard to get his attention, had even helped him pass a few classes.  They had become friends, and she’d decided he was everything she ever wanted in a man.

At the end of the school year, he’d left for college. After graduating, he’d returned. They had reconnected at a party where she introduced him to her best friend, Janet. They started dating and married not long after her first year of community college. Sadly, less than a year later, it ended in a divorce because she cheated on him with one of her classmates.

Suddenly unsure how to handle the situation, she choked out his name. To her ultimate horror, he turned.

His forehead wrinkled into a frown before he smiled and pushed his cart down the aisle. “Hello, Brooke.”

Coming out June 16,


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Book Blitz for The Huntress by Elizabet Davis Presented by @GoddessFish


Hawthorne’s life as an heiress to her family’s multinational tech firm was over the moment she decided to pack up and flee with her father's protégé. Determined to strike out on her own, she sets sail for parts unknown but is haunted by her past mistakes and the fiancée she has left behind. Will the sins of her past ruin her chance for happiness with the man of her dreams?

Marcelo Alesi is a reformed bad boy, primed to revolutionize the tech industry. But an unexpected proposition convinces him to abandon his carefully laid plans for the chance to reclaim the only woman he has ever loved; even if it means playing fast and hard with the truth.

As the two embark on a journey, Kaitlin is drawn into the mysterious organization known as "The Order". Distrustful of the Order’s motives, and concealing secrets of his own, Marcelo fights to protect and love Kaitlin, the woman he has claimed as his own.


“I’ve forced us to cross too many lines in our friendship. I’ve complicated things between us in so many ways, especially when I took the role of a Huntress.”


“Like I said, I’m always here for you and I’ll never stand in your way. Don’t back down from what you really want because of me,” he grated.


“You can’t promise me forever. We’re on separate paths,” Kaitlin argued.


Marcelo fell silent. Is that what she really wanted, forever with him? Finally, she was starting to open up. Although she was right about them being on separate paths, but he’d never give her ammunition by admitting it.


All he knew was that he wanted her. Had always wanted her. More than anything that he’d ever wanted in his life. But he also wanted greatness, and his vision was too grand to carry out while sailing the world on the Meridian.


Kaitlin’s words only reinforced his belief that she could discard him if she had to, but he couldn’t bring himself to confront her. Still, he wouldn’t let her push him out of her life.


“I don’t want us to separate, Kaitlin. We’ll make it work somehow. Unless…”


“Unless?” Chills shot up Kaitlin’s spine. She didn’t like the gravity in Marcelo’s voice or the way that he looked at her.


“Unless you think we’re a mistake,” he said.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Born in Houston, TX, in 1974, Elizabeth Davis started writing at an early age. Her first book was written for an elementary school assignment when she was eight years old. It was called Silly Excuses—a book about fantastic excuses young children can tell their parents when they have been naughty. Not only did she pass the assignment with flying colors, her teacher loved the book so much that she had it published in the school library. Elizabeth has been writing ever since. Elizabeth earned her B.A. from Bowie State University in Communications Media. Her hobbies include reading, baking, traveling with her family, and life coaching. She currently resides in The Netherlands with her husband Pawel, their son Aiden, and Hermes, the family cat.


Author website: www.elizabeth-davis.com



Elizabeth Davis will be awarding $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Please use this rafflecopter code on your post: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Summer's Growth - A #SpringFling Romance by #MFRWauthor Tina Gayle

Family Tree Club series
Keeper of Winston Manor
Advised by spirits
Carving out a future.

Forced by the family spirits to get a life, Mattie Winston has to train her replacement Amber Harrison to be in charge of all the workings of the Winston estate. Reluctant to make changes in her life, Mattie forms a bond with Amber, when strange accidents start happening which threaten their lives and an unknown ghost makes an appearance.

After being rescued by an old flame, Quincy Miller, Mattie faces old wounds of rejection. As the general contractor for Amber’s redecoration project, Mattie is in constant contact with Quincy and realizes she still in love with her childhood sweetheart.

Amber, learning her new role in the family, wants to discover the identity of the ghost who keeps appearing. After several appearances, Gwen, Amber’s distance grandmother, shifts the book into more of Amber’s struggle to find out why her grandmother disappeared two hundred years ago without a trace. In a fight to claim her position in the family, Amber searches for clues to solve the mystery.

Mattie and Amber are both challenged when the family spirits decides Amber shouldn’t be the keeper. Battling for Amber, Mattie realizes she wants a life with Quincy outside the Winston estate.

Amber realized the importance of her new spiritual family, and she works to discover how Gwen died.

Can these two women achieve their goals?

Prologue to Summer's Growth

“No reason for her to stay bottled up in the house with an old maid like me,” Mattie grumbled.

Alone and feeling sorry for herself, she stared at the cold ashes in the fireplace, a black mess with no hope of burning again. Just like her life. Once Amber assumed the job of keeper, she’d be free to do anything she wanted.

The sound of a car in the driveway alerted Mattie. “Amber must have forgotten something.” She walked out of the study on her way to the front door.

Surprised by the sight of Quincy coming up the stoop with bags in his hands, she leaned against the doorjamb. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

“I thought you might be hungry.” His winning grin prevented any objection she might have had.

Flustered, she sputtered, “But—”

“You said you didn’t want to go out, so I brought dinner in.” Not pausing, Quincy pushed his way past her.

His reasoning seemed logical, but Mattie wasn’t sure of his true intentions. She rushed to catch up. “Quincy, you really didn’t have to do this.”

“Sure, I did. I invited you to dinner, didn’t I?” he said over his shoulder on his way to the kitchen.

She longed to tell him to leave, but she couldn’t. Not after he’d gone to so much trouble to bring her dinner. His thoughtfulness disarmed her, weakened her knees as well as her resolve.

“I hope you’re hungry.” He pulled a rotisserie chicken and potato salad from a bag. “I even have dessert.”

From another one, he unearthed a pie and showed her the label. “Apple pie and,” putting down the pie, he reached back in, “ice cream.”

Delighted, Mattie squelched her giddiness by protesting against his efforts. “Quincy, you shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble. I planned on having a sandwich for dinner.”

Heedless of her words, he stashed the ice cream in the freezer and retrieved one more item from a different bag. “And these are for letting me have dinner with you.”

Quincy held out a bouquet of deep red roses, catching her completely off guard. Shocked appreciation snatched her breath away. Hands shaking, heart quaking, she stood rooted to the floor. She didn’t know how to handle this situation. No one had ever given her flowers before.

Mattie clasped the roses to her chest, mesmerized by their beauty. “Thank you, Quincy.”

Not releasing his hold, he stared into her eyes.

She couldn’t help but yield to the powerful forces between them, and swayed into his arms. Enclosed in his warm male strength, she trembled.

He ran his hand along her spine and slowly leaned closer.

She waited, expecting the soft caress of his lips on hers. At the last moment, he diverted his kiss and his lips brushed her forehead instead.

Stunned, she could only stare.

“Mattie, I’m trying not to rush you and take it slow, but I won’t deny I want you in every way a man could want a woman. So for now I need you to promise me something.”

Lost in the velvet warmth of his eyes, she knew she’d promise him anything. She placed her hand on his chest and breathlessly asked, “What kind of promise?”

Purchase ebook at:

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Preparing for an Empty Nest by #MFRWauthor Tina Gayle

In my book "CFO's Affair" Sylvia Donovan is suffering because her daughter has gone off to college and now Sylvia is on her own.

While this is not Sylvia's only problem, as parents, we should all prepare for the day that we have an empty nest.

Everyone reacts differently to the event. My husband didn't suffer half as much as I did, but he didn't spend as much time with them as I did either.

As a stay at home mom, I planned my day around their schedule. Now, it varies according to my husband schedule.

However, I believe it could have been much worse if I hadn't planned ahead.

Years before my children even thought about leaving, I started preparing.

So what did I do?

First, I looked around and pick something that interested me. I enjoyed reading romance for years and decided since I had some time in my day to give writing a shot.

While they were away at school, I learned the craft and worked on developing my skill.

As they entered high school, I published and worked on writing more during my free time.

Once they left for college, I found I needed to work on promoting my books which required I learn more about social media sites.

Now, I spend most of my day in front of my computer. Writing, promoting on line, keeping my different sites updated. I sometimes complain that I don’t have enough hours in the day.

Do I have time for my kids?

Always, but I’m working to build my career. Just like they are working to build theirs.

What can you do to prepare for an empty nest?

  • Ask yourself a few questions
    • What are your interest?
    • Do you want to make money?
    • Social sites do they satisfy your need to stay connected?
  • Spend time while you’re children are still at home developing what you want to do later.
    • take classes
    • meet new people in your chosen field. – gardening club, golf group, etc.
  • Let your kids know you have a life too and that it’s not only about them.
    • Your devotion to your goal can help teach them to follow their own dreams.

As you can see it can take years to plan or a few short months. At any point you can prepare for the future and map out a new course of action. Don’t let the empty nest get you down. Look around and find something that can become the hallmark of defining who you are.
If interested, you can read the 1st chapter of my books on my website. www.tinagayle.net
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Is an Author More Than The Person That Wrote a Book? #MFRWauthor

An author works to write the best book they can and once it’s written they then release it to the world. The problem comes in for an author with letting the world know it’s out there and driving people to the places where they can buy a copy.
An entrepreneur is a person who creates a product and assumes the risk for driving that product to market.

Can you see now how the two relate?

Unfortunately, the ability to write a good book is not the same as being a successful business person. Yet, every day authors are working to develop the skills required to market themselves and their books.

Let’s  see what the business world does to make a product successful.

Branding – this has been a buzz word in the writing community for a while now. Chose a style and make it your own. This is a good plan if you only want to write one type of book. If you like different genres or on a wide variety of topics, the brand you’re trying to create might be more like Target than Nike, one offers a range of items, the other sport shoes. Know which one you want to be and plan accordingly.

Marketing Plan – know what you hope to achieve and develop your plan accordingly. Is selling a hundred books enough, a thousand, a million? What is required to reach each one of these levels? What are you will to sacrifice to reach your plan? How much are you willing to spend? What kind of time will this take away from your writing? All these questions and many more need to be answered before you start. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect to get there?

Make sure to set down on paper your budget, books you have to sell, venue that you will use to sell your books. (Publishers website, amazon, etc.)


SWOT Analysis -

1. Strengths – what things can you do well and how can you use them to sell your book? What makes your books unique? Many authors see all books in a select genre as their completion. This may not be the case. Example a romance by one author might be humorous while another might be dark, one about babies, another about step-children, one a historical, one contemporary. Now what makes yours different than every one’s else? Can you use that difference to market your book to a select crowd?

2. Weakness – Define what you weakness are, then you can work to overcome them. Some examples are not good at marketing? Hate writing a blog? No time to do social networking? Not good with computers?

3. Threats – what type of things are going to cause you problems? Are commercial ads too costly for you to afford? Can you not think of anything to say on twitter? Does someone have a book out that is very close to yours?  Understand the areas where you will struggle and work to find a strategy to overcome the problem.

4. Opportunities – what type of things are happening in the world that might help you? Example - your book is about politicians and this is an election year.  This is about looking for ways to promote your book that no one else is using.  Try to think outside of the box.

Professionalism – remember you are a business person trying to sell a product. Don’t treat your book or the commitment to be successful as a hobby. If you say you are going to do something, do it in a timely manner without excuses. No one wants to hear why you can’t do it, only that you get it done.

Authors and entrepreneur have a lot in common, so feel free to learn from the business world what is working. Authors may not have investors but we still need to understand what makes our books sell, how we can build a better product, what our clients are looking for, what will increase sales, and market strategies. The business of being an author is not easy so while working to develop your craft also study to become a better entrepreneur because you need both to have success in the publishing world.

Best of Luck,